Question 7

 Do you feel like you spend too much time on the internet not feeling like you’ve accomplished much?

Look for opportunities to discover yourself.

People can develop certain areas of their lives as a result of challenges.

Use this time to do things that you wouldn’t normally do. Maybe you start a new online class, you read the book you’ve wanted to for such a long time, you learn new skills. 

Keep the hope and use optimism, humor and fun as positive social tools that can alleviate the stress and the tension.

What can you practically do?

  • Make a daily schedule that you respect and try to include as many things as you can from your previous routine, adapting them to the current context.

  • Clearly define areas in your home where you do certain activities: your working place, a spot where you workout, the place where you read, meditate, relax etc.

Take advantage of all the free online resources that

are available: