Question 6

 Are you worried about how things are evolving and it concerns you that things may stay limited like this for much longer?

You are not alone in this!

Most people are wondering who much longer and how will this continue to affect us. However, try to remember other challenging times in your life (losing a job, a medical issue, having to say goodbye to a loved one).

While you were going through it, it seemed neverending, but once more time passed and you were able to process those challenges (either with the help of loved ones or a therapist), you managed to regain a sense of hope and to reestablish order in your life.

What can you practically do?

  • Choose to be thankful for the things that are going good (you have a place to stay, [hopefully] you are healthy and will stay like that, you have different resources to get you through this period, you have whom to ask for help). Write them down!

  • Don’t hesitate to seek out professional help if things get out of control. Here are some resources that you can access online, if you need to.
  • Anchor yourself in what gives you hope: the same way things spiralled out of control, they can also return to normal and can make space for some amazing examples of resilience.


  • Take each day at a time: enough worries for one day!