Question 4

Are you an introvert?

When faced with situations in which your freedom of movement is restricted

due to different reasons (isolation, being hospitalized, etc.) it is important to channel your energy towards other activities.

For example, if you miss going out with friends, you can plan to see each other online on videocalls, and not just use voice calling. Also, make sure that you plan something that you enjoy and that you look forward to everyday: try a new recipe, plan a movie night, start a journal, rest or (finally) reorganize your closet or do that activity that you’ve been postponing for so long. This will help you have more time to spend with your friends when the restrictions are over.

What can you  practically do?

  • If you are not sure whether you are introverted or extraverted, find out by taking a personality test like the one you can find here.

    • Make sure you have a daily schedule that also includes things you enjoy and you look forward to. Be intentional about including them on the agenda.

    • Try to learn new skills during this time that can then help you once things return to “normal”.