During critical moments


becomes an opportunity for each and everyone of us. Find out how you can do that during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most of us haven’t experienced situations like this one before.

The cumulative stress and collective trauma that we are experiencing because of the pandemic affects us all, in different and yet very similar ways. What could help us all is developing resilience.


You are not alone

It is important to know that we are not alone and that our fellows’ are faced with the same challenges as we are.

Be honest

There are no right or wrong answers. Choose the option that is closest to your present mood.


 It’s likely that your feelings will change as the national and global situation evolves.

what is your answer?

We would like to invite you to answer some questions
to establish in what way the current situation affects you personally.
Our hope is that you find some practical things that you are able to incorporate
in your day to day life that will help you develop resilience.


Change, especially sudden and significant one, is a stress factor for many of us.

Some of us find it easier to adapt to new situations and to stay flexible, while for others this is causing a constant state of anxiety. Normally, would you say that you are someone looking forward to new things and who embraces change easily?


We are flooded with information from all sides.

Every time you turn on the TV or check your emails you are being exposed to overwhelming news about cases, deaths or new discoveries. Are you feeling overwhelmed by this constant flow of negative information?


During this time there are certain people who do not have the luxury to stay home.

If you are among them, thank you for your sacrifice. If you are among the people that have to stay at home, it’s possible that you feel like you want to do more, but can’t. No matter the situation, it’s important to find a balance between taking a step forward to help, and taking a step back to rest. Are you feeling helpless when faced with all the obstacles around?


Some people are extremely happy to be by themselves because they are introverts.

Others can’t go for more than a day without being around people, because we are extraverts and our batteries are filled while being around others. Isolation and quarantine can have different effects on people because of those differences. Where are you at on that: are you an introvert?


People are relational beings, regardless of their personality type.

We need each other, even in this kind of situation when we are advised to socially distance ourselves. Do you feel lonely during this time? Do you miss your friends, family or coworkers and isolation is affecting you emotionally?


Things evolved quite quickly in the COVID 19 pandemic.

More than that, in the beginning people tended to dismiss it, and now it’s controlling our whole lives. Are you worried about how things are evolving and it concerns you that things may stay limited like this for much longer?


In these types of situations we realize how much time we were spending on non essential activities.

 Now, all of a sudden, we have way more time on our hands. Are you in the situation of not knowing what to do with all this time? Do you feel like you spend too much time on the internet not feeling like you’ve accomplished much?


Most of us had different plans for this period. Nobody had on their agenda: worldwide pandemic.

However, what is currently going on around us got some of us wondering if this is all true, or if it’s just a nightmare that we need to wake up from. Are you at the point when you can no longer bear hearing about all the problems and the stressful things linked to this pandemic, needing to disconnect completely from it?


Personal perspective and purpose


Healthy coping mechanisms


Strong relationships


Cultivating hope


Self awareness and insight

Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this time and

remember that you are not alone!

Develop your resilience even in difficult times.

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